Please Support A Moratorium on Fracking

Even if you think fracking is a good idea, currently wells are being sold in a ponzi-type environment, at 5-10 times their potential earnings.  It will not end well.

How to at least slow fracking for now while the effects of such a harmful practice can be studied:

If you are in the United States, please go here and add your name to the petition.

More articles and information about the tragedy taking place today known as fracking.
Serious propaganda (invented pictures to make people feel good with information that is just not true at all) about fracking… coming in the form of a children’s coloring book.

Sometimes reality is stranger than science fiction. That’s the case with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking — a dangerous technology that’s much like setting off a giant pipe bomb four or five miles underground. Millions of gallons of water, chemicals and sand are injected deep into shale rock formations at high pressures to break open the rock and release the gas. The promoters say its safe. Or that’s what the oil and gas industry would have you think, anyway. But behind the scenes, the industry is fighting tooth and nail to keep fracking unregulated, and its claims of safety, economic prosperity and energy security unquestioned. Their high-dollar campaign to put a happy face on this risky practice is designed to challenge the growing movement to ban fracking that’s heating up across the country: people are saying no to this risky technology that, if pursued, will negatively impact our health, water, and economy.
Fracking stopped in the UK due to earthquakes it caused.

An interesting article with a well-reasoned approach. I don’t happen to agree, but it’s a well-presented argument.


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