Should Humans Eat Pesicides? Some Say Yes. How You Can Stop Them

I wanted to make sure you saw this important alert about Monsanto’s new genetically engineered sweet corn.

This is the first Genetically Engineered crop designed to be eaten directly by people.


This sweet corn has been genetically engineered to be bug resistant and include pesticides.

This sweet corn:

  • will not be labeled
  • has not been tested for food safety
  • has been genetically engineered to produce a pesticide and withstand herbicide applications

Food And Water Watch is planning to deliver thousands of petitions from people who care about what they’re eating and feeding their families.

The petitions will be delivered to the top ten U.S. food retailers, asking them to reject Monsanto’s GE Sweet Corn.

Will you add your name to the Food And Water Watch petition?

Thanks for taking action.

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