Tesla’s Inventions Are More Than Wireless Electricity

X-rays are a Tesla contribution to humanityIn April 1887, Tesla began investigating what would later be called X-rays using his own single terminal vacuum tubes (similar to his patent #514,170).

Tesla’s thoughts were a key step in the invention of the modern X-ray.  If you’ve ever had an x-ray, thank Tesla.

Here are some other devices which owe their modern place in society to work done by Tesla.

Wireless radio control from TeslaRemote Control
In 1898, Tesla demonstrated his radio-controlled boat, which he was able to control remotely. He presented it as the first of a future race of robots, which would be able to perform labor safely and effectively, and many credit the event as being the birth of robotics.  If you’ve ever played with a remote control car, or used a remote control device of any kind, thank Tesla.

Alternating Current
Every time you plug something into an Alternating Current plug, thank Tesla. He was the guy behind what powers pretty much everything today.

Tesla's ideas are in every electric toothbrushYour electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes are based on principles discovered by Tesla

Hydro-electric power
As a boy, Tesla saw a likeness of a huge waterfall (like Niagra Falls).  He dreamed of harnessing the power of water and waterfalls to create electricity. In 1893, he succeeded in helping someone do just this.

Pad chargers
Just now coming into use, we will see more and more applications of wireless charging in our homes and our lives.  If you are able to charge anything wirelessly in the next 3-5 years, or if you’re already using a pad charger for your cell phones or other devices, thank Tesla.

Tesla helped bring us radio for listening enjoyment!Your radio
Tesla demonstrated the principles behind radio nearly ten years before Marconi. In 1943, the US Supreme Court ruled that Marconi’s patents were invalid due to Tesla’s descriptions of his work. Still, most references do not credit Tesla with the invention of radio.

Earthquake/Seismic Warnings
If you’ve ever had advance warning of an earthquake, Tsunami, or volcanic explosion, thank Tesla.  In 1899, he sent waves of energy through the Earth, and provided the theory for earthquake seismic stations. By adding electricity to the returning energy he created the largest man-made lightning bolt ever recorded (130 feet).

I’m sure we’ve missed thousands of items here.  What other modern inventions can be credited to Tesla?

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