Easy Tutorial for DIY Gift Tags!

Why spend money on store-bought gift tags when you can make beautiful ones at home? Dress up packages with these easy homemade gift tags made from old, saved greeting cards. Greeting cards are almost always made from sturdy cardstock that make great, durable tags that won’t get crinkled under the tree. Making these tags is … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 9.December, 2012

How Washington state is giving up leadership position in EV race What’s up with the state of Washington’s commitment to electric vehicles? It’s a place where you can find fast charging stations and coffeehouses galore, but the state has backed away from offering incentives and requirements for zero emission vehicles according to Green Car Reports. … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 07.December, 2012

Does this Exxon Hates Your Children ad cross the line? [w/poll] Oil Change International has just released a satirical ad called “Exxon Hates your Children” and is seeking donations to have it broadcast on television. The video make the argument that oil conglomerate Exxon couldn’t care less about the welfare of (your) children because it … [Read more…]

Green Themes For The Holidays

A fun theme can liven up this year’s holiday party. It can even be a great alternative to stressful gift-giving situations. Sell your family on one of these great theme ideas and start a fun new tradition!   1.) Ugly Sweater Party: Don’t stress about buying a new holiday outfit for this year’s party. Buying … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 06.December, 2012

GM says Chevy Volt owners have logged over 100-million electric miles It’s only been two years since the Chevrolet Volt first when on sale, but Chevrolet is saying that owners of the car have driven a collective 100 million all-electric miles in this short period of time. Like any other alternatively powered car, owners are … [Read more…]

Easy Vegetable Curry Recipe

For dinner today, I thought I was totally prepared to make my easy black bean enchiladas. I took out tortillas and started defrosting my homemade enchilada sauce. I chopped an onion and a green pepper. And then I reached into my pantry for a can of black beans… only to find that there was not … [Read more…]