The Green Wrap-up 22.December, 2012

NASA Photo Taken on Dec. 22 Shows Earth Still “Completely Intact” After what had felt like months of chatter about the looming Mayan apocalypse which was to wreak havoc on our cozy planetary home, that ominous date has now passed without incident. Green book review (and a giveaway!): Paddling North by Audrey Sutherland This week … [Read more…]

Mad About Yo

Let’s talk yogurt. There are a lot of varieties out there – Non-fat, low fat, full-fat, cream top, Greek, and more. Yogurt is an ancient dairy product that’s enjoyed all over the world. It’s believed that the first yogurt may have been fermented by accident, perhaps by nomadic people carrying milk in goatskin sacks. Now, … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 21.December, 2012

Grist’s ‘Shift the Gift’ campaign hits national TV — again Apparently Gristers aren’t the only ones feeling discontent with America’s holiday traditions. Our campaign to “shift the gift” this season has taken on a life of its own on Twitter and attracted the attention of two national TV news programs — first 20/20 and now … [Read more…]

Genetically Modify Your Christmas?

Science 2.0 recently published an article stating that researchers have determined that the genome of conifers, like Christmas Trees, have remained the same for about 100 million years. This is remarkably stable, and suggests that the conifer pretty much got it right the first time around and hasn’t had to evolve to survive. However, there … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 17.December, 2012

Plug-in hybrids outselling pure EVs in California Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) appear to have outsold battery electric vehicles in California by about a two-to-one margin since the Toyota Prius Plug-in started US sales earlier this year, according to the state’s Center for Sustainable Energy. Luxury Hybrid Leader Lexus Supports Environment and Education With Its Eco … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 16.December, 2012

Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project North Carolina’s Research Triangle may be one of the most “wired” places in the US when it comes to technological advancements, but why stop there? To take the lead in electric-drive vehicle adoption, go wireless. 4 Eco Friendly Hotels for Your Next Trip … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 15.December, 2012

Tesla’s Model S software updates connect well with Wired Earlier this month, Tesla Motors announced a software update for its Model S all-electric luxury sedan. No less an authority than our old friend Damon Lavrinc over at Wired has blessed the upgrade. Lavrinc calls Tesla’s upgrades a “solid, feature-rich update” that overcomes what had been … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 13.December, 2012

Great-Grandpa Discovers the Joy of Biking, Becomes a Paperboy at Age 86 On Christmas day four years ago, when Bud Shaefer unwrapped a bicycle gifted to him by his adult children, he was sure they’d wasted their money. But it wasn’t long before the 86-year-old retiree decided to give it a try — and in … [Read more…]

Growing Tomatoes in Winter

Check out this video about growing delicious tomatoes in winter: I think it’s great that people near indoor tomato farms like this one can still have fresh, local produce in winter rather than buying tomatoes that have been shipped from warmer climates. It’s wonderful that the tomatoes in this video are pesticide-free. However, I’m wondering … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 10.December, 2012

Tesla Model S 60-kWh gets 95 MPGe, 208 mile range according to EPA Spend a princely sum on a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S, which has an 85-kWh battery pack, and you can get an EPA-certified 265 miles on a full charge. If you opt for the lower-cost (and delayed) 60-kWh version, the EPA has now … [Read more…]