The Green Wrap-up 9.April, 2013

10 Easy recipes for eating local and vegetarian in April Eating healthful meals during busy weekdays in early spring can be as easy as throwing a few ingredients into a casserole dish and putting them in the oven. We’ve gathered 10 great springtime recipes from soups to bakes, from vegetables to cookies. Enjoy! GreenJoyment(Ally): Gluten … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 8.April, 2013

Solar power has reached grid parity in India and Italy A recent Deutsche Bank report concludes that solar power has now reached grid parity, meaning that it costs the same as electricity from the power grid, in Italy and India (where the government’s goal is 20GW of solar by 2022), and that by next year … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 5.April, 2013

Shell Pipeline Spill Is Fourth Disaster In Bad Week for Keystone XL Promoters Last Friday, as national attention turned to the massive Exxon Pegasus tar sands pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, another oil spill was occurring near Houston, Texas. Operators of a Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary’s West Columbia pipeline, a 15 mile long, 16 inch … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 4.April, 2013

GM announces $332M investment into eco-minded powertrains General Motors has announced it will invest around $332 million to produce more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions. The cash will be split between four manufacturing facilities, including Bedford, Indiana and Toledo, Ohio, as well as Bay City and Flint, Michigan. 24.6 MPG: March 2013 was a record month … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 3.April, 2013

Infographic: A Visual Guide on How to Save Energy at Home There are many little, inexpensive ways you can save energy — insulate your hot water heater, use ceiling fans in the summer, insulate your attic, use fluorescent light bulbs, wash your laundry in cold water and use Energy Star appliances. But what else can … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 2.April, 2013

Because ‘Bitumen is not Oil,’ Pipelines Carrying Tar Sands Crude Don’t Pay into US Oil Spill Fund As Think Progress has just reported, a bizarre technicality allowed Exxon Mobil to avoid paying into the federal oil spill fund responsible for cleanup after the company’s Pegasus pipeline released 12,000 barrels of tar sands oil and water … [Read more…]

The Green Wrap-up 1.April, 2013

J.D. Power says drivers increasingly frustrated by low-rolling resistance and run-flat tires …As a part of this study, it also found some interesting data regarding two growing types of tires: run-flat and low-rolling resistance. Atlanta Women’s Shelter Starts Bioponics Farming Project The City of Refuge has hired Bioponica, a local aquaponic designer-builder to install onsite … [Read more…]

Crowding Out Could Be Your Diet Savior!

If you want to lose weight, traditional dieting is probably not the answer. The term “diet” has become synonymous with deprivation. Many modern diets require the dieter to radically change their eating habits, often cutting out a large part of what they would normally eat. Fad diets also tend to demonize one food group or … [Read more…]