Green Store Finder: a New iPhone Application

Do you like supporting local, Green businesses but have a hard time discovering them in the corporate world? Look no further. 3rdWhale has just launched a new paid version of their iPhone app that helps you easily find green businesses local to you along with giving useful sustainable living tips. And what’s better is that about 20% of their profit go to Green businesses from around the world. Now that’s a useful tool.

Greenroofs: a Garden for You and the Earth

Greenroofs are exactly what their name implies: roofs that are environmentally Green. How are they Green? Well, they are made of plants. That’s right, these house and building roofs are made, with a foundation of multi-ply water-proofing material, of dirt and plants. Greenroofs are a beautiful way to support a healthy Earth. By planting vegetation on your roof instead of tar or shingles, you are promoting cleaner water, providing more homes for birds and insects, and celebrating the beauty of greenery, not to mention reducing your energy bills every month.

Helix Wind Turbines: New and Effective

Interested in wind power for your home or office? Helix Wind Turbines are just the thing you need. They’re an attractive way to make your own energy. But their shape does more than look good. The large, twisted pillar is capable of catching air from all directions, propelling the turbine at higher speeds, catching the wind at lower speeds, protecting surprised birds, and working silently. They have the benefits, without any setbacks.

DESERTEC: A Realistic Solar Solution for the Future

DESERTEC has finally created a solution for one of the biggest concerns environmentally aware people have: the end of fossil fuels and the damage they are imposing on the planet. In six hours the desert receives enough energy to run the world for a year. However, right now the desert ground absorbs the heat and releases it back into the atmosphere. DESERTEC wants to rein in this waste and use it for our benefit. How? Solar power.

Green Windows

Sunlight delivers visible light, ultraviolet or UV light and infrared or IR light. Ultraviolet light can damage skin and also cause fabric colors to fade. Infrared light is heat. Low E glass allows the visible light to pass through while blocking some of the UV light and IR light.

Going Green: From A-Z

Here’s a simple A-Z Guide we found for going green. We figure it’s a great way to get GreenJoyment started, just by sharing with you 33 simple tips for making your life and your home more green. A-to-Z List of Ideas ————————————————————- Here’s a list of things you can do to help the planet–from A … [Read more…]