GreenJoyment Survey

A huge THANK-YOU! Thank-you to everyone who has already taken the survey about what you want to see on GreenJoyment. Already, nearly 400 people have responded to the survey we sent out last week about the content you want to see on GreenJoyment and TheSolarPlan. The survey has generated some very interesting (and somewhat surprising) … [Read more…]

Huge Advance in Home Energy Production

ScienceDaily (Aug. 23, 2010) — The era of personalized energy systems — in which individual homes and small businesses produce their own energy for heating, cooling and powering cars — took another step toward reality today as scientists reported discovery of a powerful new catalyst that is a key element in such a system. They … [Read more…]

Green Fundraising Opportunities: Coffee Fundraising Is Something to Think About

———————- It’s time to think about fundraising already?  Have you thought about fundraising with coffee?  If you know a coach, a teacher, or a school principal, and you would like to help their school make a good choice about green fundraising, you might want to forward this along to them. ———————- Since it’s toward the … [Read more…]

Going Green: From A-Z

Here’s a simple A-Z Guide we found for going green. We figure it’s a great way to get GreenJoyment started, just by sharing with you 33 simple tips for making your life and your home more green. A-to-Z List of Ideas ————————————————————- Here’s a list of things you can do to help the planet–from A … [Read more…]